Your Kitty Clogs are made by hand and the fit and feel of each style is unique. What size you will need largely depends on the wooden base but the leather uppers will also affect the fit. Our clogs come in 3 different heel heights: Low 30mm, Low 50mm, Mid 70mm. The wooden bases for each heel height vary in length and width per size, therefore you may not be the same size in each style. If you have a wider or narrower foot it may be that certain styles are better suited to you, please bear this in mind and read all of the information below when ordering.
  • LOW HEEL BASE 30mm / fit is generally true to size
  • LOW HEEL BASE 50mm / fit comes up wide
  • MID HEEL BASE 70mm / fit comes up small

To help you to choose the right size for the style you have chosen, please read the product descriptions carefully and refer to the wooden base measurements below.


Bespoke orders are non-returnable, so please read all of the information below carefully before ordering. Let us help you to choose your perfect pair and the right size for you: GET IN TOUCH. If you want to try a pair before ordering you can check our list of STOCKISTS for a store near you or you can order and return a similar pair in your chosen size from our READY TO WEAR collection. 

Choosing your size:

  • Length / Measure your foot from toe to heel and compare this to the measurements for the relevant heel height below.
  • Width / Measure the width of the ball of your foot and compare this to the measurements for the relevant heel height below.

kitty clogs size guide with wooden base measurements

Wearing in your clogs:

  • Leather Uppers / Remember that the leather, suede or nubuck uppers of your clogs may take a little time to break in, as with most new shoes. With time and wear the leather will soften and mold to your foot.
  • Wooden Base / Unlike with other shoes, a wooden clog base does not bend as you walk and so your heel will lift as you walk. With time and wear the wood will also soften and mold to your foot.

 If you would like help choosing the right size for you, please don’t hesitate to GET IN TOUCH.

Rototo Socks Size Guide (unisex):

  • SMALL / fits UK 5-7
  • MEDIUM / fits UK 7-9
  • LARGE / fits UK 9-11