SicilianBloodOrange, Original Abstract Painting

SicilianBloodOrange, Original Abstract Painting

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Artwork Series Description:

Kiss&Arrow is a platonic painted reflection as a hymn to love. Whatever type of love, here takes an abstracted form of a kiss, with sharp lines and painted textures. With the crossing design of an arrow, it also gives strength, commitment and direction in the now. It is the tale of many stories, of many emotions in many places, with deep dynamics of color also as a study and an expression of connections.

"Kiss&Arrow is a new series of artworks that also follows previous work of the artist, such as Luca's first book The Great Kiss (Janus Publishing, 2009)."

Artist: Luca M. Damiani

Artwork Title: Kiss&Arrow

Painting / Abstract Art&Design

Acrylic on Canvas, with dotted oil

Format: A3 (297 x 420 millimeters)

Artist Bio:

Luca M Damiani is an Artist and a Lecturer in Graphic&Media Design at University of the Arts London. Living with a sensory disability, Luca is also a Fellow in international Higher Education with ongoing cross-media artistic research practice looking at psychology and neuroscience. He is a published artist-author and his work has been exhibited internationally; he has worked and collaborated with many institutions, such as Computer Arts Society, Mozilla Foundation, Hearing Health Foundation, British Medical Journal, NESTA, Amnesty International, BBC, Disney, TATE, V&A and Thames & Hudson.