From 25 January 2021 we need to put some of our prices up and we wanted to let you know why. We will never charge more than we absolutely have to to ensure that everyone involved in making your clogs gets a fair wage. Our priority as a business is keeping traditional crafts and manufacturing methods alive, providing an income for the small family businesses that we work with and creating a sustainable and conscious product with minimal impact on the environment.


As a business based in the UK that works with families in Sweden, Spain and Italy, the recent Brexit deal has come as quite a blow to our little company. While we can continue working with our families on the continent, getting your clogs here just got a little harder and a little more expensive. We now have to factor these extra shipping charges into the price of our products.


As this is at the core of what we do, we are always looking to improve our working process to reduce waste and environmental impact. The biggest change is in our bestselling Jord Clog. Last year we were able to develop a strong leather reinforcement to replace the old plastic one, making our new Jord completely biodegradable. The extra time and cost that goes into making this new and improved model means that the biggest price jump you'll notice is in our Jord Clog. 

We hope that you can understand and continue to support us as our business evolves and changes. Your purchases mean the world to us and to our makers. Clogs purchased before the price change will of course have their prices honoured in any returns or exchanges that you need to make during the cross over. If you have any questions about the new price changes or anything else, please do GET IN TOUCH :-)

With thanks, love and clogs,

from your Kitty Sisters x